Charting my way to children!

8 Nov

Snapshot of my fertilityfriend chart so far.
For those of you wanting a more pen-on-paper charting method, feel free to download my free pdf found below.

Let me start by saying that normally I am incredibly laid back. Although I do think overthink a lot (which is why, you dear readers, get to cop all my crazy), in my day to day life I’m pretty chilled. I’m not easily fussed and am a big believer in making lemonade out of lemons (although I really like lemons all by themselves!). Que sera, sera and all that jazz. That having been said, I’m an all or nothing kinda girl as well. I always have been. It’s been both hugely detrimental to me and one of my greatest strengths. It was a cause of great stress (especially for my mother) throughout my education and source of great pride as I completed all of my high level Piano exams with flying colours.

To put it plainly: I’m either not terribly bothered, or passionately obsessed… and it can change mid-way. I can start off wholly dedicated and end disinterested, or vice versa.
I have always been a big believer in self-awareness being the key to success, and I’ve always tried to exploit this (hmm… should I say quality or weakness??) personality trait of mine, to my benefit. I used the “all” side of it to become tunnel-visioned and lose almost 20kg in the months leading up to my wedding although it was the “nothing” side of it that had left me unfit, unhealthy and overweight to begin with!

Why am I telling you this? Because I’m sliding into the “all” category. Head on. As I mentioned in my last post, I was never in a hurry to have a baby. Being a relatively young bride (I’d say “couple” but hubby has a few years on me – read more in the About Us section), I wasn’t in a hurry… no audible biological clock etc. but as I mentioned in Babyless and Inadequate, for whatever reason, I’m beginning to ache for a bump. So I’ve become obsessed. Researching-everything-online, peeing-on-sticks-hourly, spending-money-on-unnecessary-maternity-clothes and buying-ovulation-monitors kinda obsessed. Yup. Not proud of it. In fact, I’m still acting super cool to my friends. Close girlfriends will say things like “ooooh, how’s the baby making coming along?” to which I cooly respond “oh, you know, I’m not sure. We’re not even actively trying, really. Whatever happens, happens.” Yeah, right. That was true, when we started out. But in 3 short little months I have become Chief ovulation inspector.

BBT Charting:
Yup… I bought myself a Basal Body Temperature thermometer and I am now charting my waking temperature religiously. As to whether or not it is a reliable method to check for ovulation, opinion is split. I personally kinda like the idea of paying attention to my body’s intricate nuances. I’m only a week in, but I’ll let you know how it goes.

LH Testing:
Peeing on sticks to check for the Luteinizing Hormone surge. Peeing on sticks daily. Never thought I’d be that girl. I’ve found a free hard plastic cup from the ferry to France (although had to STRESS to husband and step-daughter to never drink from it!!) to make the whole process a little more comfortable and a little less icky.

I really struggled to find an easy to fill out, clear chart online – there are loads of free printouts or even online charts at fertilityfriend (recommended!) but for those people who like the old-fashioned method of pen to paper I’ve created my own, easy to use chart – just add a BTT thermometer and LH test sticks if you like (I found some ultra cheap, no frills, LH tests from eBay)… Here it is: Free Ovulation Chart from BeautifullyBabyful Pregnancy

Chart away beauties… and baby dust to you all!

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  1. lisa November 16, 2012 at 12:34 pm #

    Hi there! Really enjoying your blog – could you please drop me an email as there’s a project I’d like to talk to you about.

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